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Pensacola Chapter MOAA
Pensacola Chapter MOAA
Pensacola Chapter MOAA Pensacola Chapter MOAA
Report Calling for Troop and Retiree Pay Cuts Is Grossly Misleading

A recently published report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a...
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Pensacola Chapter MOAA
2022 Goals


The Pensacola Chapter supports the national objectives and legislative goals of MOAA for 2022:
MOAA's 2022 Legislative Priorities

By MOAA Government Relations Staff

Here are MOAA’s priorities for advocacy as the 117th Congress begins its work. Our focus remains on all eight of the uniformed services and their service-earned entitlements.

As protecting health care and service-earned benefits continues to be a challenge, MOAA will press forward in engaging Congress to shape outcomes in these vital areas.

There are steep hills before us. Our nation has a rising debt of more than $27 trillion, and a deficit of more than $3 trillion. In view of this, MOAA anticipates robust attempts to control federal budgets, reduce or eliminate unprogrammed expenditures, and reduce entitlements.

MOAA needs you to be at the ready to reach out to your legislators, and keep that engagement going as needed to make sure your voice is heard.

Our priorities may be updated, as warranted, during the next two years this Congress is in session. Together, we can succeed.

Click one of the links below to go directly to each objective.

  • Recognize the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed the Landscape for Many of Our Priorities
  • Protect the Value of the Military Health Care Benefit
  • Protect the MHS Pharmacy Benefit and Achieve Flexibility in TRICARE Pharmacy Copays
  • Address Barriers to Accessing Care Within the MHS, Including TRICARE Coverage Gaps and Mental Health Care Access Challenges
  • Achieve Concurrent Receipt of Service-Earned Retirement Pay and VA Disability Pay
  • Protect Family Support Programs, and Ensure Military-Provided Services (Housing, PCS, Child Care) Are Affordable, Readily Available, and Meet Quality Standards
  • Reform the Presumptive Process to Support Veterans Claiming Service-Connected Disabilities for Toxic Exposures
  • Achieve Equity of Benefits, Protections and Administrative Support for Guard/Reserve Members Consistent With Their Active Duty Counterparts
  • Sustain Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Foundational Missions and Services
  • Protect Arlington National Cemetery as an Option for Those Currently Eligible to Receive Full Military Honors, Through Expansion of Our National Cemetery
  • Sustain Pay Raises for Servicemembers and COLA Raises for Retirees
  • Improve Survivor Benefits
  • Ensure the Coast Guard Receives Pay During a Government Shutdown

You can help.  Take Action NOW!

Pensacola Chapter MOAA
Pensacola Chapter MOAA
Pensacola Chapter MOAA
Pensacola Chapter MOAA

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