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Pensacola Chapter MOAA
Pensacola Chapter MOAA
Pensacola Chapter MOAA Pensacola Chapter MOAA
Could Congress Come for Your COLA? Here’s Why MOAA Stands Ready to Fight

Congress has an enduring history of tapping into COLA at the expense of your retired pay, and it...
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Pensacola Chapter MOAA


Below is the list of our 2021 scholarship recipients. Our congratulations to all winners!

LT Omar Selland Award
The late Lt Omar Selland was the creator of the Scholarship Program for PMOAA. This award is given in his memory.

Ellen Ryan-Walker
Attending: University of Florida
English/Film Studies/Foreign Language

Anna Johnson Award
The Estate of the Late Anna Johnson donated funds for Scholarships to be given in her memory.

Sunny Bengston
Attending: Pensacola State College
Major: Biology

Matthew Blalock
Attending: Southern Illinois University and Dietetics
Major: Human Nutrition

Cpl Jacob Riesberg, USMC Memorial Award
Jacob served as a guard at the secret 1948 Clarksville base, also known as "The Birdcage" in which enriched plutonium warheads for missiles were stored in underground bunkers. Jacob then became one of the first special education teachers.

Cheyanna Slack
Attending: Mississippi State University
Major: Music Education

Lt Col Richard Cali, USAF Memorial Award
Lt Cali had a meritorious tour in Vietnam and as an A4 Phantom pilot. Colonel Cali gave his life in service for our nation in honor and duty to protect freedom.

Jessica Herring
Attending: Pensacola State College
Major: Nursing Program

Seaman 1st Class Jack W. Cleveland, USN Memorial Award
Seaman First Class Cleveland served aboard the USS Redfish in the late 1940s and early support of the Korean War. The son of a single mother, Jack Cleveland used his Navy proceeds to fund his college and dental school at University of California Berkley.

Kaitlyn Berry
Attending: Pensacola State College/Univ. of Miami
Major: Global Health Studies

Pensacola Chapter MOAA
Pensacola Chapter MOAA

Pensacola Chapter MOAA

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